Paul Kara Ross

I have been working for years to find just the right instruments for my music. Here's a list of the incredible makers who allow me to do what I do......

Waking Spirit Flutes- Native American and world flutes. My xiao and "phi" flutes are from them....

Zon Guitars -Joe Zon has been an innovator of the electric bass for years, yet he took time to personally work with me to create my bass. I'm grateful for his work and hope to play up to the standards he used in creating it.

Rob Allen Guitars -That amazing fretless/upright bass sound I have on my Christmas albums

Woodsounds Flutes- The Walnut and ebony Native American Flute in my hand...this is the guy who made it!

Foolfish-Fine Art of Stringed Instruments- The bouzouki that I used on "He Is Born" was made by Heino Loof. I have played hundreds of instruments and this instrument inspired me to play the bouzouki as a lead instrument on the album.